Working @ Asset Engineering

Asset Engineering has a devoted staff of over 120 people, comprising of individuals with substantial project management expertise. Over 10 graduate engineers in civil, electrical, mechanical, and materials engineering, together with a pool of talented craftspeople, provide us with an unmatched source of vitality.

Unity, Strength and Excellence are the key characteristics that define our corporate culture. These are the characteristics that best reflect the culture of our staff, as well as the company's journey and achievements throughout the years.

These qualities are at the heart of every employee at Asset Engineering. Further, they are reinforced by a dedication to continual quality improvement in all elements and phases of construction, collective decision-making, a pleasant but firm attitude toward one another, with a friendly work environment as opposed to a strict hierarchical framework.

Our employees find careers at Asset Engineering enjoyable and rewarding. We believe in investing in the professional skills of our employees and training them not only to succeed within our company but also to become future leaders of Sri Lanka. Please submit your resumes below to be a part of a dynamic and goal orientated company to further your career.

Industrial Training for Undergraduates

Asset Engineering firmly believes in molding the upcoming generation to be the innovators of the future. Young minds are always welcome to explore potential avenues and expand their reach through paid trainee programs at one of Sri Lanka’s leading construction firms


We are committed to providing opportunities for continuous learning, career progression and personal growth for all our employees. Training and development opportunities are offered on a fair and equitable basis. The company’s training needs are determined through an annual assessment, based on which the training and development initiatives for the following year are planned.

We are devoted to providing all members of staff with chances for career advancement and personal development. Training and development opportunities are available throughout the year, with an annual evaluation of the employee’s performance for continuous improvement.

However, we acknowledge that all employees require more than just training. Our skilled engineers and management at Asset Engineering provides guidance and advice for employees to reach their full potential, while keeping track of their growth to identify any further opportunities they may be part of. Training Programmes at Asset Engineering are focused around

• Internships
• Apprenticeship
• Management Trainee Programmes
• Site Supervisory Skills Development
• Various types of Craftsmanship
• Health & Safety Seminars


The Company continues to move forward in becoming a leading Engineering and Construction firm in Sri Lanka and gradually in the universe, by delivering the projects within given timeline, meeting clients’ expectations.


To undertake the engineering and construction business with a focus in becoming the cost leadership by being excellent in every aspect to meet customers' stringent requirements while maintaining the quality of the work, on-time delivery, safety and environmental concerns.

Our Services

Supply and Installation of Guardrails.

Construction of Elephant Fences

Geotechnical Investigation

Quarrying, Crushing and Mining

Construction Machinery


Road and Highways